Bakery equipment Kumkaya
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Bakery equipment Kumkaya

The dividing - forming machine presented in the market of the baking equipment in 1986 became a debut of our company. By development of this machine were considered all the features of the Turkish bread .That allowed to facilitate significantly operation for bakeries of Turkey. We expand the range annually, developing all new baking and confectionery equipment. Today to the world markets have near 150 names and devices for pastries, preparation, processing and a batch of the dough, cutting and package of a ready candy store and bakery production . There are hearth, rotation, convection, tunnel, modular and multilevel furnaces, furnace carts and forms, cameras of a proofing , machines for division, rounding and forming of the dough, a roller for pizza and industrial, spiral and planetary mixers, mixing dough stationary, mobile with retractable bowl and from recoil in the list of the equipment of the company. Also we bring to attention of our clients productive and effective automated baking lines and field mobile bakeries.


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