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Device climate control of BHM 12

Device climate control of BHM 12
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Description: Device climate control of BHM 12

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It is very important for receiving qualitative bakery production what process of fermentation of the test would take place it is controlled that is reached thanks to cameras. And to provide an optimum microclimate are used climate control. The equipment maintains the set level of humidity and temperatures by means of convection of the warmed-up and moistened air. Control over observance of temperature condition and humidity is carried out automatically. Thanks to the fact that the control panel is mounted separately it is protected from moisture influence. The equipment is completely manufactured of stainless steel.
Power on a network (B) 6,5
Overall dimensions 1525х450х205
Height of the machine (mm) 1525
Width of the machine (mm) 450
Depth of the machine (mm) 205
Heating temperature (C0) 0-40
Humidity (%) 30-90
Volume (m3) 12
Water (inches) 1/2
Mass of the machine (kg) 50
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