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Sifter ELM 250

Sifter ELM 250
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Description: Sifter ELM 250

Complete description

Machines for sifting of flour are capable to process the large volume of flour in a short time, to dry, oxygenate it and to remove impurity. As the result, increases quality of production, the outputs increase, and the share of manual skills also decreases. Kumkaya releases sifter of two modifications: with a silk sieve and brush type. The equipment is mobile and if necessary easily moves. Models of machines for sifting of flour with the built-in tank provide comfortable transportation of flour by means of special screws.
Power consumption (kW) 2,5
Overall dimensions 1650х1330х1000
Height of the machine (mm) 1650
Width of the machine (mm) 1330
Depth of the machine (mm) 1000
Amount of flour (kg) 250
Length of the additional screw (mm) 4000
Mass of the machine (kg) 320
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