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Cooler of water KSC-900

Cooler of water KSC-900
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Description: Cooler of water KSC-900

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Stainless steel of which water coolers Kumkaya are made possesses high rates of a hygiene. The equipment perfectly is suitable for use in any bakeries thanks to carefully worked operating system and design. Process of cooling of water is run by the microscopic digital thermostat that guarantees compliance to all hygienic norms and requirements. The special program of the thermostat provides an automatic stop of the compressor through certain periods, allowing ice to thaw and float freely on a water surface. During a topping up, water falls on top on ice and is at once cooled. Such diagram of operation along with high technical characteristics provides saving about 70% and more in comparing and streaming coolers. In case of breakage the system of protection of the compressor is provided. Overflowing of capacity of a cooler will notify the final valve.
Supply voltage (W/phase/Hz) 380/3/50
Compressor (kW) 1,5
Size (diameter x height) (cm) 115х205
A tank for water (liter) 900
Empty tank (kg) 255
Power of cooling (l\min) 150 lt 1 °C
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