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LIDER 100 cyclothermic stone based deck oven

LIDER 100 cyclothermic stone based deck oven
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Description: LIDER 100 cyclothermic stone based deck oven

Cyclothermic deck ovens of the LIDER series have four floors and allow to bake bakery and flour products of excellent quality with excellent flavoring characteristics. Specially developed system of circulation and hearth sheets provide excellent result and permanently high quality of products.
As heated air is distributed evenly and kept at a constant temperature, it is exclude the possibility of burning or not sufficient baking of individual products. System provides individual steam for each oven’s floor.
Dimensions 3500х1850х2300
Length (mm) 3500
Width (mm) 1850
Height (mm) 2300
Cooking area (m2) 10
Electric Power (kWt) 4,5
Working power of electrical modification (kWt) 66
Нeat rating (kсal/h) 56000
Maximum temperature Value (C) 300
Type of fuel electricity, gas, diesel fuel, pellets, firewood
Average consumption of diesel fuel (l/h) 6,8
Average consumption of the liquefied gas (l/h) 7,8
Average consumption of natural gas (m2/h) 7,9
Working pressure of water (Bar) 3-5
Working pressure of gas burner (mBar) 21
Capacity (N/h) 384 (weight of bread 300 g)
Number of floor (N) 4
Oven interior dimensions (mm) 1200х2100
Height of the baking chamber (mm) 210
Dimensions of the handling device (mm) Length 2400, breadth 600
Number of used pallet-pieces (N) 8
Weight (kg) 3400
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