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The hearth modular GF2050 furnace (2 tiers – gas)

The hearth modular GF2050 furnace (2 tiers – gas)
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Description: The hearth modular GF2050 furnace (2 tiers – gas)

Hearth modular furnaces Kumkaya are specially developed for preparation of products from flour. Each tier has personal management system and works independently. Thus, it is possible simultaneous preparation of different types of production. In the upper and lower part of the camera temperature is regulated separately thanks to what products are baked thoroughly uniformly and is balanced. Behind process of preparation it is possible to watch through glass doors. If it is necessary, connection of system of steam moistening is possible. Excellent insulation significantly cuts fuel consumption. The furnace can use gas or electricity. The equipment very comfortable in operation, simplicity of control is provided by the digital panel containing 16 installed programs. Existence of the built-in castors will allow to move the furnace to other place if necessary easily. The front panel is executed from stainless steel and has the modern and attractive appearance.
Dimensions 1050х1635х1370
Length (mm) 1050
Width (mm) 1635
Height (mm) 1370
Cooking area (m2) 2.13
Electric Power (kWt) 1
Working pressure of water (Bar) 3
Number of floor (N) 2
Oven interior dimensions (mm) 1250х850
Height of the baking chamber (mm) 230
Proving chamber dimensions (mm) 1635х1050х600
Electricity for steam formation (kWt) 3
Gas consumption for each floor (m3/h) 1.6
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