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LIDER250 rotary oven (74*98 cm)

LIDER250 rotary oven (74*98 cm)
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Description: LIDER250 rotary oven (74*98 cm)

Rotary ovens of the LIDER series of the Kumkaya company have been developed for high-quality product receipt. The height of the equipment has been reduced in order that ovens were more convenient to be used in catering establishments, such as cafe, pastry shops, restaurants, and also in supermarkets. The company has used a number of constructive innovations for increase efficiency and make ovens more practical and convenient in operation. Springing steel sealing is used instead of  silicone compactors. Flexible ramp for trucks is replaced with fixed ramp. Thus, there is no risk of failure of the ramp and needs of regular care of it. Losses of heat and fuel consumption are significantly reduced due to two-layer isolation. The powerful system of supply of steam guarantees an appetizing, uniform and glossy crust without additional efforts. The oven is completely made of stainless steel, along with modern design gives it an aesthetic appearance. It is easily dismantled, which is convenient for transportation.
Dimensions 2330х1750х2700
Size of baking pan (mm) 740х980
Number of baking pan (N) 15/17
Length (mm) 2330
Width (mm) 1750
Height (mm) 2700
Cooking area (m2) 14,4/12,8
Electric Power (kWt) 3,5
Working power of electrical modification (kWt) 80
Нeat rating (kсal/h) 70000
Maximum temperature Value (C) 300
Type of fuel electricity, gas, diesel fuel, pellets, firewood
Average consumption of diesel fuel (l/h) 8
Average consumption of the liquefied gas (l/h) 6.9
Average consumption of natural gas (m2/h) 9.2
Working pressure of water (Bar) 3-4
Working pressure of gas burner (mBar) 21
Weight (kg) 2300
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