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Tunnel furnace TU 309

Tunnel furnace TU 309
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Description: Tunnel furnace TU 309

Tunnel furnace is the industrial baking equipment working in the mode not of a continuous and constant flow. Construction of the furnace allows to bake a wide range of products of quality flour. The conveyer belt has width of 3 meters, execution in the amount of 2,5 meters is also possible. Length of the pipeline can make from 9 to 36 meters depending on the required productivity. The furnace has one tier, the pipeline is executed from the metal gauze. The special system of dampers serves for separate regulation of temperature in the lower and upper part of the working camera of the furnace. Thus, the required temperature for ideal and uniform baking of the most different products from flour is created. On each side furnaces the system of air circulation which promotes uniform distribution of temperature and cuts fuel consumption is located. The hydraulic system in an automatic mode executes centering and regulation of force of a tension of the pipeline. By means of a digital control bar the operator controls temperature, amount of the given steam, motion speed and a level of a tension of the conveyer belt. The loading and unloading system can be in whole or in part automated. For operation of the furnace fuel oil, the natural or liquefied gas, diesel fuel is used.
Cooking area (m2) 27
Width of the baking tape (m) 3
Length of the baking tape (m) 9
Capacity (N/h) 1620 (200 – 250 gr.)
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