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Industrial camera of first proofing of PM620

Industrial camera of first proofing of PM620
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Description: Industrial camera of first proofing of PM620

Industrial cameras of a first proofing create conditions for the controlled fermentation of the test after division and before final formation. The equipment is capable to work in the mode of a continuous flow. Perfectly balanced synchronization provides exact hit of each preparation from the test in a cell. In case of each turn dough moves to an adjacent cell. Interchangeable cells are made of food plastic which is simple in leaving and is easily purified. The output of preparations from the machine can be carried out on the left or to the right at the choice of a customer. Besides, modification of the equipment on two input and an output is possible. The electrical guard for a divider of dough and rounder of dough is provided. The camera of proofing has a modular construction that allows quickly and easily to sort it. If necessary the equipment is in addition equipped with system of electronic regulation of motion speed of the pipeline, the heater and the fan.
Power consumption (kW) 0.74
Quantity of cells (piece) 620
Overall dimensions 2880х2150х3080
Height of the machine (mm) 2880
Width of the machine (mm) 2150
Depth of the machine (mm) 3080
Preparation height on an input (mm) 855
Preparation height on an output (mm) 1500
Preparation weight (gr.) 50-200
Average time of proofing(min.) 8-16
Mass of the machine (kg) 1940
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