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The dough rounder with adjustable trenches of CM3300

The dough rounder with adjustable trenches of CM3300
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Description: The dough rounder with adjustable trenches of CM3300

Replace with dough rounder manual skills at a stage of rounding of preparations from the test after division in the dough divider machines. Preparation from the test is pressed down and acquires rounded shape in the course of movement between the channel and the conical casing of the equipment. As material for channels and the casing of the machine aluminum is used, at the request of the customer the teflon covering can be applied on their surface. The silent device for powder of channels flour will prevent sticking of the test. Under the casing there is a brush intended for sweeping away of excesses of flour in the special tank. The external casing of the machine can be manufactured of the colored or stainless steel.
Power consumption (kW) 1,7
Overall dimensions 1545х1245х1180
Height of the machine (mm) 1545
Width of the machine (mm) 1245
Depth of the machine (mm) 1180
Preparation height on an output (mm) 950
The mass of the created piece of the test (gr.) 100-1000
Productivity (piece/h) 4000
Mass of the machine (kg) 460
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